Healthie API Docs

Healthie offers a web and mobile platform for healthcare tech organizations to launch and scale digital services. Developer teams can use our API to build client-facing, and provider-facing, apps, leveraging Healthie’s back-end, data architecture, and sample front-ends.

Healthie makes available the same API that our own front-end developers use to build Healthie (Healthie Help Guide Linked Here), so the functionality covers our entire platform, including client engagement, coaching, provider management, telehealth, insurance billing, EHR, and more. As a result, product and engineering teams are able to focus on the implementation of specific care models to deliver ideal client-facing experiences.

Many organizations also leverage our API to pull detailed data for reporting & analytics that spans business operations, financial performance, client engagement, and client outcomes.

Our developer support team is here to help answer questions you may have about the API. We encourage you to contact us: and also share your feedback & requests as you explore and utilize our API.

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