Autogenerated input type of createExternalCalendar

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • input createExternalCalendarInput {
  • # A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.
  • clientMutationId: String
  • access_token: String
  • # When true, appointments will automatically be pushed to the external calendar
  • add_to_calendar: Boolean
  • # The email of the Google or Outlook account that is being synced
  • email: String
  • # The date and time the token will expire. In ISO8601 format.
  • expiry_date: String
  • # The type of External Calendar. Can either be Google or Outlook
  • external_type: String
  • # When true, appointments will automatically be pulled from the external calendar
  • pull_from_calendar: Boolean
  • # (Only for Google). The calendars to pull in from. Defaults to the primary
  • # calendar
  • pulled_in_calendars: [String]
  • # The refresh token that can be used to generate new access tokens for the sync.
  • # This requires whitelabeled calendar sync to be enabled for your account
  • refresh_token: String
  • token_type: String
  • }