Autogenerated input type of createLabOrder

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • input createLabOrderInput {
  • # Required. The ID of the PDF or HL7 document containing the lab results. Needs to
  • # be pre-created and have a rel_user_id matching the patient ID
  • document_id: ID
  • # Required. The lab panel that was ordered
  • lab: String
  • # Required. The lab company who processed the order
  • lab_company: String
  • # Required. The ID of the user in Healthie who ordered the lab
  • orderer_id: ID
  • # Required. The ID of the patient
  • patient_id: ID
  • # A list of the discrete data points that will be collected in the lab panel
  • lab_observation_requests: [LabObservationRequestInput]
  • }