Autogenerated input type of createOrganization

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • input createOrganizationInput {
  • # A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.
  • clientMutationId: String
  • # When true, the new organization will be created as a sub-organization of the
  • # current users. Healthie support needs to enable this ability on your account.
  • # Must be passed along with user details
  • create_as_suborganization: Boolean
  • email: String
  • # Must be provided with create_as_suborganization, last_name, and email. When
  • # passed will create a new user that will be the owner of the suborg
  • first_name: String
  • last_name: String
  • organization_info: PrimaryOrganizationInfoInput
  • # Can optionally be passed in along with last_name, first_name, and email. When
  • # passed in, the newly created user will have this password
  • password: String
  • # When email is passed in, this determines whether to send an invite email to the
  • # newly created organization user
  • send_invite_email: Boolean
  • sub_org_settings: SubOrganizationInfoInput
  • }